What’s A Region?

The All Carolinas Shop Hop divides the states of North and South Carolina into regions. These regions make it easier for our Shop Hoppers to “bite off” smaller parts of the large Shop Hop.

If the idea of visiting all Shop Hop stores in the entire state is a bit overwhelming for the first year, the regions we’ve set up can help you start small. Choose one or more regions to finish on your first All Carolinas Shop Hop. Be sure to visit ALL the stores in a region to qualify for that region’s prizes.

When you purchase your All Carolinas Shop Hop Magazine (on sale in August 2021) you will have access to our exclusive maps and regional breakdowns. This will help you and your friends plan your route for the first ever All Carolina Shop Hop.

If you are unable to visit all the Shop Hop stores in 2021, do a few regions this year, then plan to visit the ones you’ve missed next year.  Our Shop Hoppers have so much fun, they look forward to coming back year after year. Since stores also change year-over-year, you’ll want to be sure to make a long-term goal to visit EVERY store across both Carolinas. Our Great Sewing Adventures™ Across the Carolinas is designed to help you accomplish that goal!

Then, when you’ve finished the entire All Carolinas Shop Hop, be sure to explore our other state-wide Shop Hops.